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UNL's Premier All-Male A Cappella Group

We sing. We laugh.

Isn't that fun?


We are the Bathtub Dogs.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln's first A Cappella Group

Back in 2002, UNL students, Scott Wilson and Aaron Hurlbut, gathered a group of their most talented buddies to sing together. Since then, our group has developed into a nationally-ranked A Cappella group known as "Bathtub Dogs." While we're most commonly recognized by our signature "jeans-and-necktie" apparel and our zany persona, our main goal as a performing ensemble is simple: To entertain.

Huh? Bathroom Boys?

We're all students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Big Red!). Some of us are music students, but not all — our only commonality is that we each have a passion for performing. The number of singers on our roster varies often due to regular graduations, so we hold auditions at the beginning of most semesters. Usually we prefer an ensemble consisting of somewhere between 12 and 20.


Our song selection changes about as often the weather in Nebraska does (that's a lot, if you didn't know). We sing a variety of musical styles, including pop, rock, country, R&B, jazz, secular holiday, non-secular holiday, musical theatre, and folk. That's right, Aunt Judy, if you're looking for EDM, you're outta luck. The things that matter most to us when choosing songs for our repertoire are unique musical quality, audience popularity and relevance, and most importantly: entertainment value.

Big News

There's never a dull moment in the pitch-perfect world of A Cappella! We dropped an EP, "Recess" in October 2016, and we're always looking for new venues to perform. And while you're here, feel free to visit our STORE for swag, downloads, and other goodies!

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Meet The Group!

The Dogs wouldn't be The Dogs without the voices & personalities of each of its current members. Get to know us in the gallery below!



We can assume that if you book us, there will be some singing involved. In addition to bringing the beats, however, we're 100% committed to meeting the more unique entertainment needs of your event:


We like to consider ourselves professional communicators. If you send us an email or call us to book a performance, you can rest easy knowing we'll respond in a timely fashion. We will work with you until a performance agreement is met!


Sound Equipment

Our fully-functional sound system, which includes professional-grade speakers, microphones, cords, stands, and a sound board, is able to be transported to and from our office for events. Let us know if you want us to use it at your event!



The Bathtub Dogs have produced several studio albums, which are all available on Apple Music and Spotify. We have CDs, apparel, and other novelties which we're more than happy to bring to events and performances for purchase.


Audience Interaction

Looking for some interactive work? Singing is our strong suit, but in the past we've done a number of audience-involving activities during performances, including beatbox tutorials, impromptu skits, etc.


We'll make musical boop-boop noises with our mouths at your next event!

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Sheng-Jie (Pronounced Shane Jay) Lim, Manager   |   (402) 507-7786